Why I’ve started

Why does any blog start?

My opinion is to get thoughts onto a page. Through editing, re-writing, formatting and finally publishing hopefully these thoughts will be meaningful. Hopefully people read these thoughts and gain something from them. Hopefully these thoughts spawn a host of related thoughts from the person who read them in the first place.

I’m an Entrepreneur, and I strongly believe that to be successful as an entrepreneur you need to understand the power of your thoughts. Scratch that, to be successful at anything you need to understand. Some start off at a better place than others, their natural disposition lends itself to the type of thoughts that lead to success. I am not one of those people. I am a glass is half full type. I overthink everything, and I tend to spend most of my time focusing on the bad that can happen rather than the good. For many, many years this kept me stuck in a job I didn’t like, around people who didn’t make me happy, struggling each and every day. I’ve recently broke out of the 9-5 grind, and while the way I did it isn’t exactly glamorous, it instantly has put me in a more positive mindset. It has helped me to set in motion things (like this blog) that will lead to where I want to be. Will lead to a happy, fulfilling life.

The goal of this blog is to share my journey and to teach other entrepreneurs what I’ve learned. I also want to help those who are stuck in a situation they dislike. Many of the biggest I learned more lessons from soccer than I could possibly name. Besides the physical abilities like how to trap a ball, how to dribble, how to hit a ball perfectly so it would curve or knuckle in midair – all of which I can attempt to do without falling and tripping myself at full sprint, there are the lessons that support me everyday! I think the most important things I learned from soccer are how to deal with the people around me (especially the difficult ones), “Touch” in all situations, the fact I never want to stop progressing in some way, shape or form, to practice like I play, and how to communicate. Not only do these things help me when I play soccer, but they help me at the office, when I’m out with friends, and when I’m setting or trying to reach new goals. Many of the biggest challenges, problems or obstacles in life can be overcome, or the solution becomes clear after a change in mindset.