The Ultimate guide to the 89 Best Side Hustles for 2016

The Ultimate guide to the 89 Best Side Hustles for 2016

It should come to you as no surprise that I love side hustles. Making money outside the standard 9-5 is precisely what this blog is about.

This blog is also about the mental struggle many will face when escaping the 9-5. Many people stumble before they get out of the blocks, they can't decide what to do. That's where this list comes in!

How to Use this List:

Pick a side hustle and start.

It doesn't matter if you decide a week down the road that the particular side hustle you picked doesn't turn out to be something you want to keep doing.

Just start one. You will learn something, make some money, and be closer to whatever financial goal you're working towards.

What not to do:

Read over this list 22 times trying to decide which hustle to start. While I would love the extra blog traffic from you re-visiting this site multiple times you won't get any closer to making side money by doing it.

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Opportunities in the Sharing Economy


You've probably heard of Uber and Lyft but there are plenty of other companies that combine their technology with your vehicle in the "sharing economy".

Regardless whether you're just getting started as a driver or you've been making money using Rideshare for months I'd recommend checking out Maximum Rideshare Profits from the expert in Rideshare, Harry Campbell. His site and his course are chalk full of extremely helpful content for drivers.

You can get also get bonuses for signing up with most of the companies, check them out at my Rideshare Bonus page. ​

2. Rent your Car

Don't drive much? Travel a lot? Does your car just sit around gathering dust while you're away?

Rent it out. and will both let you rent your vehicle to other users. You can make up to $1000 a month. Both companies carry insurance up to $1m, Roadside assistance and renters have to go through background checks. Even if you just do this a few days a month it could pay your car payment.


3. Advertise with your Car

Companies like put car owners in touch with companies looking to use your car as a moving billboard. Payments depend on how much you drive, your location, and the company.

Here's a thought, combine a rideshare delivery gig like DoorDash or Postmates and a car advertiser like this. Get paid for both while doing one job!

4. Rent your Extra Space

Just like Cab companies are losing money hand over fist to Rideshare competition, hotels are having nightmares about AirBnB and VRBO. These two companies act as a marketplace where travelers can find houses, apartments, or even rooms they can rent by the night.

I tell a story in my report 'The Best 9-5 Escape Strategies for 2016' about a friend of mine. She has a plush two bedroom condo downtown and she pays her rent each month by renting out the spare room. She is making (or saving) $24,000 a year with AirBnB!

5. Projects on the Go

TaskRabbit allows you to sign up and complete tasks for others. You could be running errands, grocery shopping, or helping move. Regardless you'll be making extra money with your spare time.

You can also check out Apps like GigWalk or EasyShift which have tasks that tend to be quicker and easier to complete than those on Taskrabbit. They don't pay as well but you might be able to knock out 2-5 on a lunch break.

Online Sales

6. Selling on Amazon

Buying items and selling them via Amazon's FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon) is one of the most popular side hustles in the last few years. More recently, it's expanded to many White Labelling a pre-existing product and sellers using Amazon's traffic to create sales for a new product altogether.

Jordan Malik has done a really good job on his blog comparing many of the most popular Amazon Selling courses that are available.... check it out HERE before you buy!

7. Sell on Ebay

Ebay is currently the world's largest marketplace. For a buyer that is great. For a seller, it means that Ebay can be extremely competitive with low margins. You may have to be original but there are still opportunities.

8. Sell Crafts on Etsy

Do you have something you create and would like to sell? Etsy is the place for you! Categories include Clothing, Jewelry, Craft supplies, Weddings, and Entertainment to name a few. This is a great marketplace for artists and crafters because people come specifically looking to support vendors they can't find anywhere else!


9. Sell on Threadless

Threadless is similar to Etsy, except they only deal in T-shirts.

They also have a very cool feature where you can submit designs into various contests. The community rates them and the winner gets their design printed and sold, some of the contests even have cash prizes! Worst case scenario? Free publicity and marketing.

Also, check out TeeSpring.

10. Sell Courses

Udemy and Skillshare allow experts, instructors or teachers to join their marketplace and get paid for what they contribute. With Udemy, you can upload courses for people to purchase while Skillshare is a membership site which pays each of its teachers out of a Royalty Pool, plus bonuses for new signups.

11. E-commerce

Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy are all great places to start selling online. Once you've established yourself and have a proven product I strongly recommend you branch out and start your own website. With E-commerce, you take the sales and marketing away from a pre-existing platform and pile it onto your plate.

Sounds like a lot more work right?

It is.

The profits are much higher too! Amazon and Ebay take between 8-15% of each sale on their site. Imagine putting that extra into your pocket?

If you are interested in learning more I'd sign up for Steve Chou, he has a free 6-day mini course which I've been through. You can find him at MyWifeQuitHerJob.

12. Retail Arbitrage

Do you like hunting at garage sales, craigslist, flea markets, or thrift stores? Do you believe the saying "One man's junk is another man's treasure?" Retail Arbitrage may be for you.

By simply purchasing items you know have a value from a discount retailer and selling them for a profit you are participating in Retail Arbitrage. Doing it strategically, or with the purpose of turning a profit, is a nice side hustle.

Take it one step further and sell them on a large scale on eBay, Amazon or another online platform makes it a business.

13. Sell your Photos

Sites like Shutterstock will allow you to submit your photographs and video for others to purchase. You can still keep your copyrights and control of your work.

These sites can be a great boost for someone starting out as you'll get your images in front of millions of viewers that otherwise wouldn't see it.

There is a great article over at The Photographer's Life detailing the pay scale for Shutterstock as well as some tips to get you started.

14. E-Publishing

If Selling on Amazon is currently the most popular side hustle, then E-Publishing is #2. More specifically, Kindle Publishing.

The draw for this side hustle is that you can automate almost all of it if you'd like, and if done right, it can grow into a large passive income check each month.

One thing I'd like to caution anyone getting into this market to consider is this: Most guru's make Kindle Publishing sound extremely easy. It's not. It takes time, effort, and a bit of know-how just like anything else. Even if you decide to automate most of the process, you still will be paying someone for their time and effort.

Lastly, because it's become so popular it's also become fairly competitive. Know that to become successful you'll have to do what the guru's say, and then some. There are a lot of people out there giving E-Publishing the old college try, some following the guru's programs to a "t". You have to do more than both those groups.

That being said I'm a big fan of E-Publishing and if it sounds interesting I'd encourage you to take a stab at it. I've tried a few courses on Kindle Publishing and the one I recommend is Stephen Plyarinos's 'Kindle Money Mastery' which I've linked below:

Click Here!

15. Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you basically get paid to advertise for another brand or product. This is one of the main ways many blogs (including this one) and niche sites monetize and has been extremely successful over the last 5 years.

Many of the banners you see on this site are products I've used and will recommend, in turn, the owner of the product gives me a chunk of each sale I drive.

Same as with E-Publishing there are a ton of guru's out that will tell you this is as easy as creating a website and making a bunch of backlinks to it. This was true until Google changed its SEO formula a few years ago. Now content is king.

Combining this strategy with blogging, niche sites, and occasionally e-commerce can still be an extremely effective side hustle.

Both the Kindle Money Mastery ad above and the Bluehost ad to the side of this text are affiliate links. Both are products I use or have used and I recommend. If you click on one and purchase the product I'll get a commission, and I thank you in advance. 

16. Niche Sites

Niche sites in a nutshell: Build a website targeting a keyword, or a group of keywords, add content, monetized via AdSense or affiliate marketing, make money.

Just like affiliate marketing, niche sites ease and popularity has taken a hit as Google has continued to tweak its magical formula for ranking high on its search engine.

There is a nearly unlimited number of topics to target with a niche site and multiple ways to monetize, keeping it as a very attractive potential side hustle.

If you want more information on this topic, check out where Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome details the building of a niche site for a contest he was challenged too. I admit, I've spent far too much time on this site!

Making Money Freelancing

17. Programming

Programmers are always in high demand. If you have these skills or want to develop them, you can make great side hustle for taking up projects.

Look for work on Fiverr, Upwork, or build a clientele on your own.

18. Website Design

With the world gone digital everyone, and every business has an online presence. Web designers give a look to that presence. You'll need an artistic sense to go along with some programming chops, but you'll never be out of work.

19. Application Building

Applications for Smartphones are one of the fastest growing industries anywhere. As the world continues to become more and more dependent on mobile technology apps are spreading to every industry.

Many start-ups use only mobile technology, they need app builders, and they need them all the time. Many Cheif Technology Officers started as App Designers and worked into huge roles with companies.

20. Ghostwriting

Many E-Publishers are not writers. One of the benefits of E-Publishing is that almost all of the work can be outsourced... including the actual writing of the book. Ghostwriters are the authors of many of the works you see on Amazon currently.

If you are a writer by trade then you can fill an increasing demand for well-written work. Going this route, you can do what you are good at (and hopefully enjoy), without having to worry about the marketing and promotion that goes along with E-Publishing

21. Proofreading

Many E-publishers are going overseas to find their ghostwriters cheap, and many of these ghostwriter's native language is not English. This leads to works that read strangely, are grammatically incorrect, and have punctuation errors.

Editing skills are encouraged, but anyone with a strong English background can make a nice side income by taking on a handful of editing projects a week. Generally, these are paid by the word, so the longer the document the better the pay.


22. Become a "Turk"

Amazon has created a micro-task site called Mechanical Turk. You complete tasks called HITs that take minutes and pay anywhere between one cent and $10. Let's say you have downtime in between tasks at your 9-5, or you are a Rideshare driver waiting for your next fare.... This may be the perfect way to take up a handful of quick tasks to fill the downtime and make a little extra cash.

23. Evaluate Websites

Sites like will pay you to evaluate websites. Well, companies pay them, and they pay you, but you get the gist. This is similar to Mechanical Turk but each job will take a little longer and generally pay $10/per site. Again, a great way to make money while waiting.

24. Fiverr

What would you do for $5? That's what Fiverr allows you to establish. There are currently over 20,000 services offered on this site spread out over almost a hundred categories. The great thing about this is you can offer "add-ons" that allows you to upsell a customer for a better service.

Good writer? Offer to Ghostwrite a 500-word article for $5 and every additional 500 words is another $10. The possibilities are endless on this site. Don't believe me? Check out the 'other' category.


25. Video/Audio Editing

With the emergence of Podcasts, Vlogs, and YouTube channels the need for quality editing is becoming more and more in demand. Work from your home, on your own time, making someone else's content shine.

Start on a site like UpWork or Fiverr as a side hustle and gain a following, as demand increases this easily could become a full-time gig.

26. Graphic Design

A good graphic designer is never out of work. With this skill set, you could petition your bosses for a work from home position or freelance on nights and weekends to earn extra cash.

Check out sites like 99designs and DesignCrowd to pick jobs to submit to, today!

27. Virtual Assistant

Are there certain daily tasks you do that you simply hate? That you dread doing each day? Hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) to do them. Or, possibly better yet, become one yourself. 

No, they can't walk your dog. They could, however, sort email, or do data entry, or remind you to call your mom on her birthday.

"The 4-hour Work Week" by Tim Ferris talks a lot about hiring a VA and how to effectively screen and train them.

28. Researching

By becoming a guide on ChaCha, you could get paid to do quick research and answer questions in an educated, professional way.

The information section says only about 10% of applicants get accepted, so don't quit your day job until you know you're in!


29. Transcriptionist

If you type as fast as you think you could make money as a Transcriptionist. There is a constant demand for medical, meeting notes, and Legal documentation to be physically filed after being recorded.

Many of the best paying companies will require special software to work for them, but there are plenty of others that will pay you 'Per audio hour' with only a few entry tests to screen for accuracy and attention to detail.

30. Online Jury duty

You can actually get paid to review case notes and answer questionaries on the documents. pays between $5-$10 per verdict rendered. People have reported that it's tough to get a constant stream of cases, though.

31. Plan Vacations

Some people simply cannot plan. The stress, headache, and pressure of planning even a vacation is simply overwhelming them. Offer to do if for them.

My friend Susan from Away2Be has planned multiple successful trips to places like Spain, Nicaragua, and Ecuador, successfully turning a passion for travel into a career. Whether you wish to plan a trip with her help or would like to start something of your own, I highly recommend her site as a starting point.

Applications that Pay

32. Save your recipes!


There are many companies that will pay out small bonuses for purchasing specific, sponsored products. Oftentimes you'll need to watch a short video about the item or fill out a one-question survey. I have 3 apps on my phone that I routinely check when I go grocery shopping: Ibotta, Recipe Hog, Checkpoints. Using these three apps I save about $50.00 a month, doing something I was going to do anyway!

33. GymPact

Want to profit off of those poor resolutioners failure to stick with their "Work out more" goal? GymPact is an app that lets you bet on yourself making a preset number of trips to the gym each week. Your GPS will notify the app each time you step in for a workout. Users who make their goal will split up the bets of people who didn't succeed.

While you may not make a large amount from this it really works to give you a little motivation if you're looking for a boost. If you are already a gym rat why not pay off a portion of your membership each month doing what you'd be doing anyway?

34. Surveys

Surveys seem to always come up as something that is an online scam and not a way to earn money online. While there are many survey companies that fit the scammy stereotype, there are just as many that provide you with a legit opportunity to make a quick buck.

Here are some sites with solid reputations:

  1. MySurvey
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Vindale Research
  4. Toluna

This is very similar to "Becoming a Turk" and "Evaluate websites"... You can't make a living doing it but you certainly can earn some cash in your downtime.

Hustles to Grow into Businesses

35. Blogging

Blogging is actually not going to make you any money. Blogging does, however, give you the opportunity to grow an audience. By providing value through your content, you can help out your readers. Once this happens you have multiple ways to monetize your blog.

Plan on this being a long-term strategy, not something that you can grow overnight and make money instantly.

36. Podcasting

Similar to blogging, Podcasts pick a topic and develop an audience of people interested in that topic. Just like blogging, it can take time and a lot of effort before you'll ever see income from Podcasting.

Podcasting does have huge potential, though, with the number of people listening has increased every year since 2009.

The main source of initial income from podcasting starts from sponsors, but you can easily leverage this into selling a digital product or course, affiliate programs, or book sales. EOFire has built a hugely popular podcast with thousands of listeners making several million a year. You can find his income reports on his main site. 

37. YouTube Channel

Writing and Audio, not your thing? Build a channel to teach a skill that you have to others. You can bring a ton of value by making videos that have instruction for things like arts, crafts, building, and use of tools.

This method also has the benefit of pre-existing traffic. YouTube already has users searching for a variety of topics. All you have to do is create content that will help users and lends itself to gaining you subscribers and likes.

If you choose to go this route it's a great idea to build a website along with the channel. The end goal should be to drive traffic from YouTube to your personal platform. A great example of this is The Beard Baron, who has a full line of products on his website. To drive traffic he has a ton of instructional "how to" and information videos on YouTube. Not only does he make money from YouTube ads but he's driving traffic to his products. Nicely done sir, and nice beard. 

38. Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing sometimes referred to as pyramid schemes are a great business model for the right type of person. People who normally succeed in this business model are connectors, they network very well and are extremely sociable.

There are many companies that have this business model, including Mary Kay, Beachbody, and Team National. Each of these provides an opportunity to sell a different type of product, so choose something you're interested in.

39. Business Coaching

Have you built or run a successful business? For every business that makes it two businesses fail, and may of those companies are looking for the ticket to success. With a proven track record, you can get paid to guide an up and coming business to profitability.

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40. Consulting

In many cases, it is cheaper for a company to bring on consultants for small projects than to hire a full-time employee. Due to this, people who are skilled in marketing, sales, or management can find work as a consultant with a little work.

I myself have a client that I work with to improve their online marketing, I work as a consultant for them. This allows me to use the skills I've developed in previous jobs outside of the 9-5 structure.

There are many firms that specialize in this, you can either start with one of them or leverage your contacts and network to find clients.

41. Personal Organizer

Personal Organizers provide tailored procedures and systems to individuals who need help with their lives or spaces in their homes or offices.

The difficulty here is you must both be good at organizing and have solid social skills to effectively communicate and adapt spaces to your clients likes and needs. Not only does space have to be clean, ordered, and systematized, but you need to teach that to your client and ensure the solution works for them.

42. Public Speaking

If you are one of the rare individuals who is comfortable, and effective, at speaking in front of large groups then you could make a great income from Public Speaking.

Start by doing anything you can to get in front of audiences. Many times this will mean speaking for free or for a very small paycheck. Make sure to record those speeches, the best of them can become your calling card.


43. Event Planning

A good event planner is always in need. Weddings, Conferences, and Corporate gatherings all use the services of event planners.

Movies and TV glorify this position quite a bit, this job stresses the planning. If the planning is done well the event will run smoothly.

As an event planner, your customer will tell you the number of people, basic theme, and sometimes the location of the event, and you make it happen. This includes contacting, screening and communicating with vendors, set-up and clean-up, logistics, and timing.

As with many of these other positions you may have to do a few small, inexpensive events to build a profile.

A Hint: Volunteer to plan your companies Holiday Party next year!

44. Peer Lending

If you already have money and are looking for passive ways to grow it Peer Lending might be your ticket. Also known as "Hard Money Lending", Peer lending allows you to act as a bank for a 3rd party in exchange for interest on your loan.

This can be extremely beneficial to both parties. The lender doesn't have to be as rigid with his lending requirements as a financial institution would be, and for this reason, can charge higher interest rates. This type of lending is done a lot in the Real Estate world, but it's uses are unlimited.

Using the Skills You Have

45. Handyman work

Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters and various other trades are always in demand. If you have any of these skills it's easy to pick up side jobs on nights and weekends. This doesn't just apply to the trades, though, hard labor is often needed by injured or the elderly and can pay quite nicely.

Use a site like Angie's List to market your services and find clients.


46. Teaching Music

Know how to play an instrument? This is a valuable skill that many try to master and yet few succeed. You can also pick the target audience you want to teach.

If you're good with kids talk to local schools, YMCA's, and youth groups and offer your services as an afterschool service. If adults are more your speed then go to your local music stores and set up a mutually beneficial agreement where they can refer people to you.

Not an expert? No problem. Just make sure you are far enough ahead of the audience you are going after.

47. Painting

Painting is one of those tasks that it seems no one likes doing. So offer to do it for them. With a little practice, you can get very good, and very quick with a brush and roller. Or you can invest in a little equipment and get a small air compressor and a paint gun and really fly through jobs.

People will thank you for it.

48. Computer Repair

As prominent as computers have become in our everyday lives most people have no idea how they work. Problems with both software and hardware baffle them and they need an expert to help. The cool thing is you can teach yourself these skills.

I built my own PC from parts in my early 20's and I've done it for friends several times over the years. I could easily troubleshoot and solve a lot of hardware problems.

Another idea that is growing in relevance. Learn how to replace screens for phones and tablets... that market isn't going anywhere soon!

49. Photography

Photography is still one of the best ways to capture memories, even with the ease of video emerging in the last 10 years. People with decent equipment and an artistic eye can do very well with this side hustle although it can be difficult to make it as a full-time career. This is a very competitive field.

Don't get discouraged, though, a friend of mine has done several photo shoots of colleagues and friends young children, pulling in around $200 each time!


50. Catering

Just like Event Planning will always be in demand as long as there are weddings and corporate meetings taking place, so will there be a need for catering. Caters are paid not only for the food but in many instances for the experience.

There could be some upfront costs if you plan on catering an event on your own, but you could sign up to work for a local company, getting paid to learn the ropes.

51. Officiate/Refereeing

How does this sound: Getting paid to watch the sport you enjoy.

Ok, not exactly watch. But you'll be there, paid to pay attention to the action and make sure it's done in a fair way.

Most sports youth recreational leagues are always looking for officials who simply know the game. If you want to earn more money you can get certified at different levels, which can skyrocket your income. As a high school or college level official for soccer here in Colorado, refs earn between $50-100 per game!

52. Trivia Host

Enjoy random tidbits of knowledge and don't mind being heckled by people in various stages of intoxication? Trivia hosts get paid to dole out questions, tally up scores, and keep the game flowing in a fun, efficient manner.

Trivia host could also be a gateway to building up your comfort speaking in front of audiences, which would be quite handy if you wanted to make a side job, or career out of Public Speaking.

53. Tutor

Being a tutor might just be the most rewarding side gig on this list. Get paid while helping young students learn topics that you have knowledge of.

School not your thing? Join the Boys and Girls club and become a role model for a young person.

54. Tour Guide

Almost all major cities are jam-packed with tourists on almost any week of the year. Those tourists want to experience the city in a way they might not be able to if venturing out solo. A good tour guide can not only make a solid income but can help make a trip memorable.

Here's an idea I got while I was in New Orleans. Rent out a room via AirBnB and as an upsell offer to take them on a tour of the city, for an extra fee, of course.

55. Inventor/Product Licensing

Do you constantly think of products that should exist but don't? Invent them yourself and get them licensed.

This can be a tough road due to the overwhelming number of ideas that get turned down. If you go down this road just realize it could take many attempts before you hit a successful product. Even that doesn't guarantee you'll 'hit it big'.

56. Personal Chef

Some people cannot cook, yet realize that eating well requires either eating out, a lot, or cooking. If you enjoy cooking and have a background as a chef you get a job as a personal chef.

To do this, you may have to have very flexible hours, but there is a chance you could negotiate only one meal a day, or possibly only weekends, etc.


57. Personal Shopper

Just as some people can't cook, some people have no idea how to dress, or what looks good when they wear it. Some people don't have the time or desire to do grocery shopping, or run to Target for toiletries and housewares.

As a personal shopper, you could fill in this gap. You can provide a service for the people who simply can't stand to shop. One of the nice things about this is that if done well referrals should stack up quickly.

58. Personal Training

Get paid to be in the gym. No, you won't be lifting weights, or on the treadmill, but you'll have a huge number of clients if you do this correctly. The need to get in shape, to lose weight, and to become healthier is growing year by year in America as the percentage of the population that is overweight continues to grow and we become more and more sedentary.

Just do yourself a favor, look the part.

59. Alterations

Clothing that fits simply looks better than off the rack items. The ability to sew could easily land you weekend and nights work.

At work when you see someone's pants are too long, say something like this: "I really like the style of those pants, are they a bit long?" Anything to get them to the point where you can offer to shorten them.

Do a good job and you'll have a repeat client. I have a tailor I've been working with for several years who I take all of my dress clothes to.

60. Tax Services

Is there anything that scares the average American more than owing taxes?

Due to the money and the legal regulations on taxes you need to have a CPA to help prepare taxes, but if you already have this offer your service to small businesses to get a source of income, then if you want you can expand from there.

61. Bookkeeping

Just like many people hate the thought of taxes the idea of keeping track of finances can be just as daunting.

If you are good at and enjoy entering records and working with excel type documents then there is work for you.

Here's an idea: Team up with someone offering tax services for a "One stop shop".


62. DJ'ing

DJ'ing is definitely not dead. Just last week I met a gentleman who spins at 3 different clubs, in 3 different states and teaches a music class on the side.

Even if the nightclub scene isn't your thing, Event Planners often need a good DJ for their events. Team up and your marketing efforts are taken care of.

63. Interior Decorator

An eye for making a space clean, functional, and aesthetically pleasing is an eye that can make a nice extra income.

You can specialize in one area of a home or office or generalize. You can go at it solo or sign up with a service like 1-800 Contractors or Freelancer to take care of finding clients to start.

Anyone can Apply

64. Research or Medical Study

Researching and testing in the medical field is always going on and test subjects are always needed. Many times you'll be in the control group as well and will be taking a placebo.

You can also be very particular about which studies you sign up for. Don't like needles, you can avoid it. Can't swallow pills, no problem. Be selective!

65. Focus Groups

Have opinions on everything? Get paid for them! Many organizations will pay $50-$100 per group and have a ton of different subjects to choose from. Check out Find Focus Groups to search for in-person, telephone, or online groups. You can also search by your location.


66. Modeling

Not everyone is a supermodel, and that's ok. There are a million products out there that are much more believable if the person displaying it doesn't look like they'll be doing a Victoria Secrets show the following week. Run a search for Modelling Gigs + "Your City" to find out what's available locally.

67. Moving Service

Generally speaking, people hate moving. Offer to do the heavy lifting or a full service that includes packing and unpacking. Team up with #70, Cleaning Service, to add a competitive advantage to your service.

68. Pet Sitting

If you love hanging out with cats, dogs, and various other furry creatures you can offer a pet sitting service. Just take a pet out for a walk once a day or keep them while the owners are on vacation. Many pet owners treat their pets like kids, which leads us to #69...

69. Baby Sitting

Not just for teenagers who need some spending money, Babysitting can be a great part-time gig. Check out Sittercity and Care.


70. Cleaning Services

For the same reason, hat moving services are popular, cleaning services do great business with people about to leave an apartment complex. Talk to various apartments to get steady work that way or get clients to sign on for weekly, or bi-weekly drop-in visits.

71. Snow Removal

Obviously, this is climate dependant, but this was my first entrepreneurial venture and holds a special spot in my heart.

72. House Sitting

Help people out while they are on vacation. Check in a couple times a day or stay there overnight, there are tons of options for this service and only one requirement. Trust.

73. Work-a Phon-a-thon

If you are like me you remember those all day PBS special phon-a-thons to raise money to keep their programming advertising free. These type events go on all the time nationwide, and people are always needed to take calls. Just make sure you

74. Notary

Laws concerning notaries vary depending on which country you reside in, but the main duty is the authentication and execution of certain classes of documents. Almost all of these documents are of the non-contentious manner and in many cases are simple verification.

Each state/country has it's own requirements so check your local government pages for how to sign up.

75. Get Ordained

Many religions will allow you to become ordained to perform weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies. Generally, the requirements are fairly minimal, but check for your specific state to make sure you don't have to register or pay extra fees.

76. Mystery Shopping

Get paid for running your errands or eating out at restaurants. The better sites offer a really wide selection shops to go for, and Elite Mystery Shopper also gives you survey options. This site is highly rated with several blogs I follow.


77. Lawn Maintenence

Depending on your local this may be a seasonal gig, but a lawnmower, a weed whacker, and a trimmer can easily land you a few lawns to maintain and can be done in a couple hours a week.

78. Car Washing/Detailing

People love their cars and will either spend a lot of time or a lot of money to take care of them. Easy to get this one started if you are only offering interior service, or grab a buffer to do the wax/buff on the exterior too.

79. Caregiving

With the aging of the baby boomer generation, the need for people to care for them is a growing field. You can get several different certifications to make yourself more marketable as well.

80. Hauling Junk

You need a truck and a willingness to get your hands dirty but other than that the barrier to entry for this side gig is very low. The sky is the limit as well, just look at the guys from 1800GotJunk, who have made a nationwide, profitable company 'Hauling Junk'.

They Pay for That?!

81. Sign Spinning


This seems to be a form of marketing that is increasing in popularity. Especially for new businesses that need to draw attention to their presence. Work out a deal with one of the owners and help them draw attention.

Bonus: These guys always are jamming out to music while doing this.

82. Donate Blood

Medical facilities are always on the lookout for blood and plasma donors and this actually pays pretty well for a short time commitment. During college I made about a $100 a week for 2 plasma donations a week.

83. Help couples

Many couples have problems naturally reproducing and your eggs or sperm could help them accomplish this task. Most places who do this have fairly extensive screening processes for this (as they should) but can pay very well.

84. Be a Mascot

Clowns, Santa's, and school mascots all have to eat. Get paid for hanging out with kids or showing your school pride.

85. Friend Services

At RentaFriend you can literally pay someone to hang out with you. Or, you can make money to spend time with others. The uses for this service are very broad and they show a list of idea's to use a 'rented friend' for, could you make some cash being a wedding date or showing someone around town?


86. Become a cuddler

If you think 'rent a friend' is a bit weird, how about becoming a professional cuddler? All of the benefits of a nice cuddle without any of the attachment and commitment that normally comes with it. Check out this article to find out how one young lady has turned this into a profitable business!

87. Human Billboard Services

Similar to Sign Spinning, or putting on a costume, human billboards are paid to advertise, draw attention, or entertain a group of people. While it may not be the highest profile gig on this list it would probably be a ton of fun.

88. Doula Service

Doulas can make up to $1000 per birth if you are chosen. Check out DoulaMatch if this is your kinda thing.

89. Yours

Did I miss one? Please comment below and let me know if you make money outside the 9-5 in a way not mentioned on this list, I'd love to hear it!

Food for thought:

What is the best side hustle?

The one YOU make money with.

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    • There is some good and helpful information here. One thing that I would like to add is when I started my business I though opening a merchant account would be just as easy as opening a bank account..I completley under estimated that one and was declined by 5 providers and it set back for over 3 months. I had to get a high risk account just b/c I was operating online and that was not easy..there are a lot of providers who don’t know what they are doing and if they charge anything upfront it is a scam. I finally found a good company. I have included a link to their website for those interested. I hope this helps..

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  1. Tyler, this is quite a list. Thank you for the kindle information. I was particularly interested in this. I have considered looking into it. Sounds like there might be some pit falls in it?

    • Thanks, Roy!

      I think Kindle Publishing is great, and I do it myself as one of my side hustles. The problem comes from many of the Kindle courses I’ve seen making it look like it’s a guaranteed, easy way to make passive income.
      There is a lot of competition on the platform right now, which simply means you’ll have to do a better job creating and marketing your books, but it’s definitely still doable!

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