My Time Study – How I spent 48 hours

My Time Study – How I spent 48 hours

Do you know where each of your 24 hours a day go?

Time is something that most people would say they don’t have enough of, yet how many people are guilty of wasting it? How many couldn’t tell you exactly how it was spent?I do believe spent is the right word.

Time is a resource, just like money. How are you spending it? Are you frivolous or thrifty?

I’m a bit on the frivolous side if I’m being honest.

So, as I work to grow several businesses I thought it would be interesting to track how I spend my time for a 48 hour period.

To make sure the results were as normal as possible I tried to do nothing differently than I normally would. I tried to sleep about the same time, to drive based on my budgeted goal, not time, and to not exclude things like Jiu Jitsu to make it appear I’m ‘always working’.

Here are the results (rounded to the nearest quarter hour):

Sleep: 14.25 hrs

Driving: 18hrs

Fiverr Gigs: 1 hr

Niche Site (mostly keyword research): 3.5 hrs

Niche Site learning: 1.25 hrs

Reading for Leisure: 1 hr

Jiu Jitsu: 2hrs

Total Time accounted for: 41hrs


At first glance, I’m fairly happy with this list. Other than the 3 hours for the two personal items, Reading half hour before bed, and Jiu Jitsu I was fairly productive with my time.

38 hours out of 48 was geared towards making money, building a business, or sleep.

There is one thing that concerns me with this list.

I’m missing 7 hours.

I know that some of it is wrapped up in drive time, or cooking and eating meals, and I spent around a half hour watching “The Masters”.

Still, in a two-day span, it seems like a rather large number to not be able to exactly pin down.

Assuming that it’s “personal” time, like Jiu Jitsu, is 10 hours to much in a 48 hour period?

10 hours personal, 14.25 sleep, and 23.75 of money making activities.

I’m not sure the correct answer here. I also suspect it changes for everyone.

What do 48 hours in your world look like? I’d love to hear your comments and your results if you’ll post them below!