Introducing my new Thrive Themes Homepage

Introducing my new Thrive Themes Homepage

Hopefully, my new homepage is old news to you. I published it a little over a week ago and been putting the final touches on it since.

I’m still not going to say it’s done, but I will say it’s close and that overall I’m extremely pleased.

As I was writing this post I also wanted to publish pictures of my old homepage, but it seems that I either did not save them or can’t find them. Not sure which is worse. Either way, mildly annoying.

I posted a picture last week of the preview of the new homepage you can check out below:

​And the final version, which you can check out real quick, is HERE.

My new Thrive themes homepage is actually a Thrive Themes Landing page, which gave me a ton of options for the general layout, lead magnets, and functionality. 

The number one goal of my homepage is to get visitors to my email list. To accomplish this everything above the fold (the part of the screen you can see without scrolling down) on this homepage is to drive you to the signup button. The only exception to this is the fairly smallish "BLOG" button I left in the top right. 

The second ​goal of the homepage is to get you to check out more. To accomplish this I've added the section just below the fold explaining the topics I discuss. 

The RIDESHARE, AUTHORITY SITES, and FREELANCING tabs are all clickable links, that take you to the category pages for each of these topics. 

Immediately following that section you'll see my recent blog post lists, once again, I hope that this will peak your interest and get you to click through. This helps not only my 'time on page' stats but my 'page views per visit', both of which are used by Google when figuring out your domain authority and can give you a great boost in SEO. 

Lastly, an "About the Author" section. This is not something I was originally going to include on the homepage but looking at many other of the blogs I follow many have a blurb like this. It adds a little personal touch and gives you another chance to have the user click through to another page (once I add the 'learn more' button. 

So, what are your thoughts on my new thrive themes homepage? I'd love to hear any questions and comments you have below! ​