The Power of Masterminds

The Power of Masterminds

A little over an hour ago I ended my weekly call with my Mastermind group.

Calling it a group may be giving ourselves too much credit. After all, we only added a third member this week.

That’s ok. I’m going to still call the previous meetings a Mastermind group, for multiple reasons.


1.The call was formed to discuss, strategize, and grow our respective businesses.

The reason and idea for these short, consistent posts came from this mastermind. Several of my posts (Twitter and Productivity most notably) came from actions that were first discussed and planned for after conversations with the group.



2. They are in the same spot

On more than one occasion I’ve been able to vent frustrations or celebrate successes with the group. With people (or a person) who knows exactly what I’m going through because they are in the same space.

This is invaluable when many of the people you interact with on a day to day basis are fine with their 9-5s.


3. Accountability

This probably should have been #1.

Every week we set a goal for what we’ll come back to the group with the following week.

We’ve taken it a step further and set weekly, monthly, 6 months, and 1-year goals and put them on record.

We know what we are working towards, and so do the members of the group.

On nights when I’d rather hang out with friends, go to bed early, or jump into a Netflix marathon the simple fact that I need to answer to someone else is often exactly the push I need to keep going.


4. Someone in your Corner

I can’t stress this enough. No one cares if you fail.

No one.

Not your mom (she’ll love you anyway), ¬†your best friend (he/she just wants to have drinks and fun), and definitely not the people at the office who commiserate with you each Monday (they are probably rooting against you).

The people in your Mastermind group can provide the cheering section that you’re not going to find elsewhere.

When you succeed they succeed as well.


I’ve written about what I’ve done wrong while starting betterbythought.

One thing I definitely got right was forming a Mastermind early on. This is one step I recommend to EVERYONE in the entrepreneur, solopreneur, or lifestyle business spaces.

If you’ve yet to join one there are multiple places you can look.

Places like Knowledge for Men and Freedom Fast Lane offer paid versions of these mastermind groups.

A Google search of “entrepreneur mastermind group” will land you both blog posts and forums discussing the topic.

And finally, the way I did it, I talked to people in the same circles I was already in. The current 2 members of my Mastermind group both are part of my Krav Maga/Jiu Jitsu school.

Now the only thing that stops us from helping each other with our business pursuits is the occasional break to learn how to punch, kick, and cause damage to the other on the training floor.