My Journey to 100K: August Update

August Update

If you look back to my July update, my biggest goal for both Betterbythought and for my Authority site was grow my traffic.  Success.  More on that later. My negative from last month was that I still wasn’t seeing any monetary gain from efforts. August saw my first measurable success in that department too! I’m pretty … Read moreMy Journey to 100K: August Update

Journey to 100k: June Update

August Update

The end of June officially marks the end of the first half of the year. In June I saw some really promising things develop, but also a problem that has continued to plague me for the last 6 months was still persistent. That being said, let’s get to the June update.June PositivesThe first, and possibly … Read moreJourney to 100k: June Update

Increasing Conversion Rates with Scarcity

To give credit where credit is due, this post was inspired by Dave D. over at Thrive Themes. I found his recent post over on the Thrive blog really interesting, especially since much of my site’s redesign was aimed at increasing conversion rates. In fact, the entire “above the fold” section of my new homepage … Read moreIncreasing Conversion Rates with Scarcity

Journey to 100k – April Update

August Update

My Journey to 100k – April Update Hopefully, you’ll forgive this somewhat belated monthly update and income report. As a fellow entrepreneur, or a weekend warrior, or even those who are looking for their┬áchance to jump in the game, I’m sure you understand the feeling of getting totally sucked into a project. I’m about a … Read moreJourney to 100k – April Update

The Power of Masterminds

A little over an hour ago I ended my weekly call with my Mastermind group. Calling it a group may be giving ourselves too much credit. After all, we only added a third member this week. That’s ok. I’m going to still call the previous meetings a Mastermind group, for multiple reasons.   1.The call … Read moreThe Power of Masterminds

The Ultimate guide to the 89 Best Side Hustles for 2016

Best Side Hustles

It should come to you as no surprise that I love side hustles. Making money outside the standard 9-5 is precisely what this blog is about. This blog is also about the mental struggle many will face when escaping the 9-5. Many people stumble before they get out of the blocks, they can’t decide what to … Read moreThe Ultimate guide to the 89 Best Side Hustles for 2016