SMART Goals Part #1

I feel like a person without goals is a living embodiment of one of my favorite Yogi Berra quotes: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”. It doesn’t matter which way you go if you have no goals. Heading left or right will make little difference. Now lets assume you have goals. You can weight your choice of direction against your goals and suddenly your decision can be based on the pros and cons of each direction. Both left and right might get you to your end goal, going left will get you to your goal in about a year with minimal risk. Going right could get you there in 6 months, but your risk is much higher. Based on your personal situation and your aversion to risk you now can make an educated decision.

Just recently I’ve started writing my goals down. I print them out and either tack them to the wall of my office above my computer or at least have them sitting on my desk. Read them once a day. Let them hold you accountable for accomplishing them. If they are in your head the can become muddled, or you can wiggle yourself out of one. If you thoughtfully sit down and write them on paper they are there. I’m honestly sitting here writing this post because one of my goals is to publish two blog posts a week for the rest of 2015. I did one already but I know for a fact I’m not getting one done this weekend. So here I am, after waking up at 6am to get about 8hrs ‘work’ done and then practicing Jui Jitsu and Krav Maga for about 3 hrs tonight, sitting at my desk. It’s about 10pm and I’d love to call it a night. But not until this post is published.

The final five parts of this series will be addressing what exactly SMART goals are. We’ll talk about what each letter means and why they make a significant impact if you follow that method.

For now though if you don’t have any goals or they are not written down change that. Not later on, not tomorrow, not after you read about what each letter of SMART stands for. You can improve your goals once you have some, but it’s impossible to improve something that doesn’t really exist (no having them in your head doesn’t make them exist).

Stay tuned for my next post which will describe why your goals need to be “S”pecific.