The Search for the Perfect Keyword

The Search for the Perfect Keyword

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I’m working on a niche site as part of my passive income portfolio.

My goal is to be making $500 a month in six months.

It’s a goal that I’ve seen on many other niche site startup sites, projects, and examples. It’s bold but doable.

Many of the leading sites on this topic, like Niche Pursuits, Niche Hacks, and One Hour Professor all state that probably the hardest part is finding the right niche.

The Keyword you choose to build your site on is 80% of it.

Too much competition and you’ll never rank for the keyword you’re trying, but on the flip side if your keyword doesn’t get noticed or has no profit so you’ll never hit the $500/month goal.

So the last week I’ve been on the quest for the perfect keyword.

I tried to go through my interests.

I looked for keywords on topics I’ve always wanted to learn about.

I tried to mindlessly go through Amazon for ideas.

I wrote down everything that made me mad for a day and tried that.

I didn’t find the perfect keyword.

And then, as I was watching baseball, I realized the problem.

There isn’t a perfect keyword. Duh.

There is not going to be a single niche, keyword, or topic that is going to have everything I look for. Each topic is going to have good and bad.

It’s amazing to me that I told myself that I didn’t want to start my first site around a keyword that may not work. I was actually giving myself a legitimate excuse to not start. To not move forward.

I talk about not doing that exact thing all the time.

Then I did it myself.

This niche site building is already teaching me lessons!

So I’m going to look at the notes and key factors I’ve already written down for the 6 keywords that I think have potential. Then I’m going to choose one.

I’m going to start the site, put up valuable content, and do everything I can to make it succeed.

I might do it, I might fail.

Either way, I’ll learn and be able to do things better next time!