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Maximum Ridesharing Profits is an educational video course aimed to eliminate the learning curve that many people who decide to drive for Uber, Lyft, and the other Rideshare companies go through. The people behind the course are none other than TheRideshareGuy, Harry Campbell, and Brian Cole who runs the popular YouTube channel RideShr.

I originally found out about The Rideshare guy when I was searching for advice concerning taxes and insurance for my Rideshare side hustle. The blog has an amazing amount of advice, knowledge, and does a great job keeping up with all of the news in the industry. If you haven’t checked it out I would highly recommend it.

When I saw that Harry had teamed up with Brian I jumped over to YouTube and was once again impressed with the content the Rideshr channel offered.

Now you’re probably thinking… “Driving for Uber/Lyft is easy right? You pick someone up, drop them off, and collect your money”.

You’re right. And at the same time very wrong.

The concept is very simple, and in the infancy of Rideshare, you didn’t need much more than to turn the app on to make money.

The game has changed, though. There are more drivers than ever and the Rideshare companies have reduced prices several times to attract new passengers and stay competitive.

You could spend months learning the tricks of the trade. You could spend hours frustrated at things all drivers deal with. Or you could invest in educating yourself on the current best practices.

Maximum Ridesharing Profits is that investment.

Maximum Ridesharing Profits Review


The Course

The course is broken into two sections, the Standard and the Gold courses. The standard course covers the basics:

1. Introduction to Rideshare

2. Rideshare Basics

3. Which Rideshare service should you drive for?

4. Providing a 5-star experience

5. Beginner Strategies to Make Money with Ridesharing

They’ve also added a bonus section to the Standard course, “Tools for Rideshare Drivers”.

This course alone will address everything you’ll come up against in your first 3 months as a driver. It covers things that every driver will wonder about, or get answered, as they are beginning. I’ve been driving for almost a year now and there were a couple tidbits in the “Providing a 5-star experience” module that I’d never thought of.

While the Standard course is fairly basic the Gold Course covers topics many Rideshare drivers don’t even consider. This is stuff that will get you thinking of driving as a business. This information is the stuff other drivers aren’t thinking about, the tips that put you in the best places to make the most money.

The modules included on this one are:

1. Where to find more Pickups

2. Surge Pricing Strategies

3. Advanced Strategies

4. Answering the Tough Questions

5. Tax advice to Maximize Profits

They’ve also recently added a new section to the Gold course, and that is the “Course Update” which I believe will continue to evolve as the industry does.

The “Answering the Tough Questions” section was worth the price of the course. Alone.

I’ve heard these questions answered before… and normally the person asked skirts around the question and ends up giving a very indecisive answer. Not this time. This time, the answers are definitive and backed up by some really solid logic.

Not this time. This time, the answers are definitive and backed up by some really solid logic.



As driving for a Rideshare company becomes a more prominent source of income, both as a full time or part time driver, so does the competition to make really good money doing so.

At $97 dollars this course is in my mind, a no-brainer.

A one time fee for something that will continue to increase your profits for as long as you drive for a Rideshare company is a huge value

I truly believe this course will pay for itself. Quickly.

If you only drive Friday-Saturday nights this course will easily pay for itself in your first month (JUST with its surge price strategies).

Driving full time, this course pays for itself in the first week.

If you want to beat the competition, make good money driving, a spend your time driving as profitably as possible I fully recommend this course.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Maximum Ridesharing Profits. If you purchase the course via the links provided in this course I will be paid a commission. That being said I fully stand behind everything I’ve written in this post. I personally have completed the course and found a lot of value in it. 

6 thoughts on “Review: The Maximum Ridesharing Profits Course

  1. I have reviewed this course in detail! Harry knows his stuff. The information included will pay for itself. This course provides all of the answers I was looking for as a new RideShare Driver and takes goes far beyond that. Even if you drive now, invest in yourself, and learn the ins and outs of your business! GREAT JOB SIR!

  2. Great looking course, thanks for posting about it. One question before I get invested, though: in the section where you recommend which ride sharing service, do you actually suggest one over the others, or do you list out the various reasons to work for each company? Just want to make sure I’m not paying for Uber-written propaganda, for example. Thanks!

    • I think which company will depend somewhat on your market. Here in Denver Lyft only has about 30% of the market share so it’s very important to have Uber #1. In places like San Fran I’ve heard, it’s much more even so you could choose a little more.

      Hope that helps!

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