Every business needs tools to help out, from bonuses to education to making processes easier.

This page is broken up into 3 different types of tools: Rideshare links and bonuses; Education Programs; and Web tools.

Some of these links are affiliate links and I will receive a commission for the referral. I either use or have used each of the products I recommend so I can vouch for their quality.



Lyft: Bonus between $100-$750 depending on the city in which you drive

Driver sign-up:

Free ride code:

UBER: BONUS BETWEEN $100-$300 depending on the city in which you drive

Driver sign-up:

$20 off first ride:

Other Rideshare Companies





Learning the Ropes:

As driving for the Rideshare companies becomes more and more popular you need to stay ahead of the other drivers. You need to treat driving like the business that it is.

Harry Campbell, aka “The Rideshare Guy” has come out with a program called “Maximum Rideshare Profits” that will easily pay for itself in the first month you are driving

Get Maximum Rideshare Profits



Kindle Publishing:

The system I learned Kindle Publishing from, the best E-book publishing program that I’ve found to get you started. Also has two upgraded membership options and a VA training course once you start making money.

Click Here!




I’ve started several websites using this software and highly recommend it. Great features like easy WordPress integration, build in email provider, and easy e-commerce integration.



The email marketing and email list manager built by a blogger, for bloggers. If you can spend money in only one place when you’re starting your blog this is the place. 

Powerful features like pre-made forms, automation, list-segmentation, and tagging really set this software apart. 


The perfect email service if you are on a budget. Manage you list for free to start, and then upgrade to better features as you go! This software is what I start most of my email lists off from! 

Mailchimp: Free to Start!


Anywhere you see a crown on my site you are seeing a plugin powered by SumoMe. They have multiple email collection apps, google analytics integrations, and share features. Best part: It’s free to start.

Try SumoMe