Realize that Uber Drivers don’t Matter

Realize that Uber Drivers don’t Matter

Of course, that’s not true. Uber drivers matter… just not to Uber. Or to many customers, now that I think about it.

Denver is a fairly mature city for Uber, it’s been here without any interruptions for over 3 years now. Just this week, UberPool came to Denver.

After doing my first trip for them, and looking at the pay, I decided to do a search to see what other drivers think of pay on UberPool and Lyft Line. The best article I found on the topic was this one, from Harry over at

My impression, and the overall feel I get, is that UberPool, is not good for drivers.

Anyway, back to topic.

This was on topic with something several friends of mine have been talking about recently. Something that I think is helpful for drivers to realize and keep in the forefront of theirĀ minds.

As a driver, you are about the 6th or 7th most important thing to Uber (and Lyft).

Priorities for Uber as I see them:

  1. Expanding theirĀ user base (World Domination)
  2. Taking care of the current users
  3. Profits
  4. Improving their software
  5. Thier “actual” employees
  6. The drivers…. Maybe.

I say, “Maybe” because I think it’s very possible I’m missing something that is actually more important to Uber and Lyft than the drivers, but at this point, I can’t come up with it.

To those of you who have been driving for a while, this probably comes as no surprise.

For those of you just starting, or thinking about starting, you’ve been warned.
Warning, Danger, Sign

I’ve known this for a while now, and no big deal… I’ve worked for people who didn’t care about me before. Kinda par for the course.

A new trend is a bit more alarming to me.

Remember your last new car?

You took care of it like it was the greatest thing ever for the first month. You parked with open spots on each side of you, you took speed bumps and dips slower then the recommended speed, and you washed it and cleaned the inside weekly.

Then for about 6 months you still were fairly concerned about how it was treated. You only wanted to park with one other vehicle close. You didn’t bottom out on dips and bumps, much. You got to the carwash occasionally.

Then it just became a chore. After six months or so you park as close as you can, hit bumps with abandon, and the interior of your car resembles a messy bedroom.

Uber and Lyft, at least in Denver, have gotten to the chore stage.

Most Uber and Lyft users are past the “shinny new car phase”.

You, as an Uber Driver, are no longer part of an awesome new service that is so cool and extremely helpful. You are part of a regular service that is a tool to be utilized.


Don’t get me wrong. I still strongly suggest Uber and Lyft as an alternative to the 9-5. It’s a great way out.

It is not, however, a long term solution.

You, as a driver, are not high on Uber and Lyft’s priority list.

Build your own business, start other side hustles, and utilize Uber and Lyft for what they are, but don’t get trapped into thinking you are on thier team!