Naming my Authority Site

Naming my Authority Site

A name is the face of your company, it’s important, right? Naming my Authority Site was much more difficult than I thought it would be, and yet didn’t take that long.

Yes and no.

It needs to be catchy, it needs to be something that will stick in your mind. But, it doesn’t have to BE anything.

What was google before we knew what the search engine was. It’s catchy for sure, but the only thing we associate the name with is the internet monster.

Then others are spelt completely wrong but pronounced the way they should be. Companies like Fiverr, Tumblr, and maybe most notably right now, Lyft. Heck, the other day I went to spell lift as it applies to moving a heavy object and found myself typing in the company spelling.

That’s catchy.

For my Authority Site, I don’t want to name it after my main keyword, the newest Google updates have stopped giving an extra bonus for exact name matches, so it won’t help my SEO.

I also want to grow the site beyond that keyword, and eventually, I’d like to rank for many keywords in the niche, so I want something broader.

I was looking for a name I could brand for my Authority Site.

So, as I’ve yet to reveal my niche I can’t really tell you the name I settled on, but I can tell you it was somewhere around my 3rd choice. That being said… I do like it.

I was in the middle of my mastermind group the other night, talking about the keyword, why I thought it would succeed, and finally, what I wanted to call the site.

The conversation moved on a bit until one guy said: “Hey Tyler, according to GoDaddy that name is taken”.


I finished up the call but had an itch. Now that I knew the site name I wanted was taken I was determined to find a new one that worked.

I took my keyword and ran it through a thesaurus, looking for variations I hadn’t thought of. There were a handful, but nothing I really was feeling.

So I took the title I had been planning on, and I looked for acronyms of those words… again, no luck.

Finally, I started to throw together some of the results that the thesaurus and acronym work had produced.


I combined two things that are related to the topic, but wouldn’t necessarily be put together in a sentence. I also had to change the order around and shorten one word since it was about 5 syllables too long for my taste.

Now I have a website name, something I can work to grow into a brand. A name that can become an Authority.