My Journey to 100K: August Update

My Journey to 100K: August Update

If you look back to my July update, my biggest goal for both Betterbythought and for my Authority site was grow my traffic. 


More on that later.

My negative from last month was that I still wasn't seeing any monetary gain from efforts. August saw my first measurable success in that department too! I'm pretty excited about it so we'll go over it in the positives area. 

Unfortunately, not everything was roses. The UberBlack opportunity that I was excited about. Epic fail. We'll get to that in the negatives section. 

Let's get to it!

August Positives​

What is the point of writing a blog aimed at helping people leave the 9-5 if no one reads it? 

I have no idea.  

That's why my goal for August was to boost the traffic to this blog. 

The only way I'll make money with my Authority Site is to drive enough traffic to it that I can either make money displaying ads, with affiliate links or by selling my own product. 

That being said, the results for my traffic growth from July to August was encouraging. 

July traffic Stats

July Traffic Statistics

July Traffic stats resulted in 1700 sessions for BetterbyThought and 162 for my Authority Site.

August Traffic Stats

August Traffic Statistics

In August, I had over 1000 more sessions for BetterbyThought and 374 more for the Authority Site. That is a 63% increase and a 230% increase, respectively! 

Now, my Authority Site's growth is much more impressive that that of this site. I think this is twofold.

#1. Backlinks

I found a broken link on over 50 sites that would be fairly easy for me to replicate (and improve upon). To take advantage of this I created a resource that was better than the one that had the broken link and I emailed about 60 site owners telling them not only about their broken link but asking them to replace it with mine. 

I had 11 responses, 10 of which were happy to add my link!

These sites have Domain Authorities ranging from 91 to 19!

Another bonus, I sent an HTML logo that would link to the resource I created. Not only did this make it very easy for the site owners to add to their site but it also created a Do Follow link!

There are 3 other categories that I can create a similar resource for. At the end of the process I should easily have 40-50 high quality, mostly Do Follow, white-hat backlinks.

So, to improve the traffic to BetterbyThought I believe I need to get some backlinks. It's not going to be easy, but that's probably why it's so effective!

#2. Referrals 

This is a byproduct of the backlinks. The way in which I gained my links has resulted in me having a cool little logo on a bunch of sites in my niche. People see this logo, click on it, and boom, I have referral traffic. ​

Traffic Sources

My Authority Site's Traffic Acquisition stats

In fact, over half of my traffic came from Referrals, ​while my site is new and not ranking for many keywords having this boost in traffic is a huge benefit. 

If I can repeat the process as I mentioned in the backlinks section I should be able to boost my referral traffic and the quality and quantity of backlinks, thus helping with my organic traffic! 

My main goal for August was to increase traffic to both of my sites. By most measures, I'd say that was a resounding success. 

My goal for September will be no different. In fact, I want to reach 5000 and 1000 visitors on the two sites, which is a little less than 100% growth on each. ​

If you look back at the post from last month I also voiced my frustration that I still hadn't generated any income from my sites. 

That changed (barely) in August too!

Amazon Affiliates

52 cents!!!

I find it humorous that I'm excited about half a dollar, but I am! 

More exciting than the actual sale is that I went from 2 clicks in the first 25 days of August to seven clicks in the last week, including one that resulted in the sale!

How'd I do this? Pretty simple, honestly. 

My Authority site was getting a large percentage of its traffic from the resource I created that resulted in the backlinks I talked about earlier. 

Once I noticed this I added a few content related banners to that page. Bam. Instant results! 

August Negatives

The one, gigantic, disappointment from August was how my experience with UberBlack ended. 

After 2 weeks driving for UberBlack I had made roughly one quarter what I normally do with UberX and UberSelect in my own car.

The simple reason for this is the fees. "Renting" the car from the company I was driving for was $90 a week. They then took 40% of my overall fares, and that is AFTER Uber gets their percentage. 

Granted, my average fare was closer to $50 instead of $8 with my normal car, but by doing 20 trips instead of 70-80 my 'on app' earnings were approximately the same. Then the fees kicked in and my earnings disappeared. 

Needless to say, I am back to driving UberX and Select in my own vehicle.

My concerns about driving for a living remain, so I'll be using John​ Lee Dumas's Freedom Journal. My goal will be to replace my driving income with freelancing! 

What are your goals for September? Are you thinking about how to end the year on a high note? Let me know what you're doing to ramp up in the remaining four months!