My Experience Hiring Freelance Writers

My Experience Hiring Freelance Writers

When I started publishing e-books I started by hiring freelance writers, my goal was to produce a lot of books, some would succeed some wouldn’t. While my publishing didn’t go far I wouldn’t say it was due to the writer I had hired.

If you haven’t been a reader of my blog for long you can see some of my thoughts on Kindle publishing HERE.

If you’re still here I’m assuming you’ve either read my previous articles on Kindle or are going to come back to them later, either way, good decision (assuming you actually do go back and read them of course!).

The good thing about my work with Kindle was I knew a lot more about hiring freelance writers when I started hiring for my Authority Site.

Here’s a jumpstart for you so you don’t have to learn the hard way.


Don’t overpay

Set your budget and stick with it. The great thing about sites like Upwork and Fiverr is you can get quality work done inexpensively. I have consistently started writers at $.01 per 100 words. It doesn’t sound like much, but there are many good writers out there willing to work for that.

Yes, you can pay more, and you’ll probably get better quality (notice I said probably). I have now hired four writers at this price point; One was great, her work needed no editing and with a little formatting could be published, on another the verdict is still out, and the last two are gone. Which leads me to my next point.


Don’t be afraid to fire your writer

I wish I had done this earlier. The same guy wrote 7 of my 8 e-books and most had to be heavily edited and in some places reworked to ensure they were correct. I thought this was standard, no problem. The content and research were done all I had to do was polish it.

As I said in the “Don’t Overpay” section, I now have a writer who sends me great, perfectly written content. I hope I’ve found a second, but if not I’ll put up another post on Upwork and start the process again.


You’ll save a TON of time

How much is your time worth?

Could I write as good, if not better content than I’m having written for me? Probably, but then I couldn’t be designing the site. I couldn’t be setting up affiliate programs. I couldn’t be reaching out to others in the space.

There are things that either I can’t afford to contract out or don’t trust someone to do for me that is a much better application of time than content.

(Disclaimer: ALL the content on Betterbythought is my work except where noted as a Guest Post).

I have budgeted $200 for content for my new Authority Site to get it to launch. My current plan is to allocate another $50-100 for the following month for more content.

If I succeed in creating a site that pulls in $500 a month over the long term the investment on that content will have a giant ROI.

And more importantly, it frees up my time.