March Update, and a Big Change

March Update, and a Big Change

March was much like February.

That’s a problem.

The first quarter of the year has come and gone. My progress is fairly far behind where I wanted it to be.

I’m still spending a large amount of time on this blog rather than building my other side hustles.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing for this blog and it’s definitely part of my long term plan, but it’s a ‘long term’ project. I need some short term money making hustles if I’m going to hit my 100k goal!

I was talking about this frustration with my Mastermind group the other day. I suggested cutting my posts down to one big one and the monthly update. This would save me time promoting and writing content, time I could spend building a niche site and hammering down on Fiverr gigs.

“Why don’t you write quick, daily updates instead?” Was the suggestion that was thrown out.

What an idea.

He went on to say that by doing this I wouldn’t have to spend nearly the time promoting and each day and instead could create some valuable, short content.

A true “day in the life” of a 9-5 escape artist.

So that’s the goal, the big change. I’ll be writing daily, or, at least, close to daily, about what I’m working on, where I’m struggling or succeeding, where my time is going, and what is making me money and what isn’t.

Then, each Sunday I’ll send out a ‘recap’ email, with links to all the articles I wrote that week. That way I don’t spam you with emails but you’ll get to see each of my posts in case you miss oneĀ or want to pick and choose what you read.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns, and comments on this new undertaking!

I’m going to try this out for the month of April, and see where the dust settles!

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With all that being said, let’s get to it:

Today I spent about 7 hours driving, which is a fairly short Monday for me. I drove almost 25hrs this weekend though to hit some big bonus’s that Lyft and Uber were offering last week so I needed a bit of a break.

This article is sitting at a little over an hour in the making, and after this, I’ll grab some food before Jiu Jitsu.

Just a short blurb today since I wrote about the update, but tune in tomorrow for my next update!

Oh, and I’m glad that baseball is back!


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  1. Good for you. We can not spend more time writing about what we are going to than actually doing it. Keep up tge good work.

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