“Journey to 100k, without a job”: February Update

Hard to believe that I’m writing my second update for my “Journey to 100k, without a job” goal for 2016.

Hopefully, you will have already read about my journey, and if that is the case thank you for your support. If this is the first you’re hearing about it please check out the original post here, it describes what I’m doing, and welcome to the journey!

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February Update

At the end of January, I gave my last update: Rideshare was slow but steady, the blog was growing, Kindle had completely stalled and it was my goal to get it rolling again, and my other sources of income were small.

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Frankly, February was fairly similar to January.

I realize with that declaration half of my readers may have just left the page. If you’re still here though stick around, as I’ve made a fairly big decision on the Kindle front and think it will apply to many in my audience.

In fact, let’s start there:


Kindle Publishing

In my last update, I stated that Kindle was going to be one of my big focus’s to write about in the February update. I started out the month exactly as I intended; gathering reviews, editing and improving the book I’d published about wine, and simply dedicating time to it each day.

I started out the month exactly as I intended; gathering reviews, editing and improving the book I’d published about wine, and simply dedicating time to it each day. But, each day this was one of my least favorite activities. The only book I was looking forward to promoting was the one I wrote: “Soccer Fields and Life Lessons”.

The irony there was I never meant to publish that book, it was the result of watching Green Street Hooligans, a few glasses of whiskey, and a creative itch.

I started writing the piece that would later become “Truths About Kindle Direct Publishing Experts Won’t Tell You” early in the month as well. After finishing that article and a bit of reflection I’ve come to a conclusion.

Kindle Direct Publishing, at least in the sense many are teaching currently, isn’t for me.

I do plan on publishing a few more Ebooks that I write, but at this point, I won’t be having books on random topics ghostwritten for me and publishing those.

This puts quite a kink in my overall plan, as I was hoping that KDP would be a big part of my 100k.

After quite a bit of research and a couple Udemy courses, I landed on Fiverr to replace that source of income. While it won’t be completely passive the time invested should be minor compared to the income it can generate.

A case study will be coming out in early to mid-April detailing this venture and my progress.

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January rolled (pun intended) into February in the world of Uber and Lyft drivers.

The business world got back to normal so there were more airport runs to be had, but the weight of the pay cuts that happened in January still hurt.

Still my main source of income, and will be for the near future.



The fact you are currently reading this is a good sign for the blog!

Seriously, though, I continued to see solid growth on in both traffic and email sign-ups, seeing an 858% growth in the former and a 157% jump in the later!

Part of this growth was attributed to a significant decision about my content. I actually REDUCED the number of published posts from 1 per week to two a month (plus these monthly updates).

By doing this both my posts each month can be longer, more detailed, and add more value. The other byproduct is that I have more time to promote my work, thus driving more traffic.

That being said, I will continue on this article schedule for March and adjust again in April if needed.


Other Income Sources

Consulting was the next largest source of income. I’m happy to say the changes we’ve made to the website have had positive effects.

Another big win we had was a large home and garden show we attended as vendors drove a lot of business and we’ve got another scheduled for later this month.

I also experimented with Mechanical Turk this month, but after making a gigantic $0.96 in about a half hour on the site I haven’t been back. There may be a way to speed up this process, but I doubt it will be enough to act as a serious income generator.

During my downtime with Rideshare this month I’ll be looking at apps like InboxDollars and Swagbucks to see if I can make a little extra while waiting for fares.


Wrap Up

It’s an interesting change knowing that I’ll be publishing both the good and the bad each month.

If you don’t have an accountability partner I strongly suggest you look to find one, it adds a little motivation, pressure, and push to get things done or days when you’d rather binge watch Netflix (Damn House of Cards!).

So, thank you for being my accountability partners. I truly appreciate it.

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    website, search in google for: idol4jp makes money

    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I’m actually working on monetizing via affiliate links, but I do like the outsourcing idea. I’m actually building an income stream that way with Fiverr that I’ll be writing an article about next month!

  2. I are looking to begin a blog, although I don’t know which may be the best way to go about this. Several of my friends suggest buying a website from iPage, and then using WordPress. Nevertheless , I feel that this is limiting. My next option is definitely through TypePad as it appears to have the level of control preferred, though this really is relatively expensive… So my question is as follows: What kind is a better idea? Which one would you individually use?.. Appreciate it..

    • All the sites I’ve build have been done on WordPress so I don’t have any experience with the others. Sorry Quintin!

    • I still like Kindle Publishing as a passive income source, but you should go into it being fully informed. I wrote an article about things to expect when you are starting out here. If you’re still interested after reading that go for it!

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