Journey to 100k: July Update

Journey to 100k: July Update

July was both good and bad here at betterbythought. I feel it's fairly safe to say that I won't be hitting my 100k goal as I've yet to make much from any of my side hustles.

On the flip side, though, I have the start of several very promising websites launched. I am making money from Uber and Lyft without driving, and I should have more time to freelance in August than ever before.

July Positives​

The first thing that has me excited is the fact that July may have been my last month driving for UberX. I have been offered a full-time car with an UberBlack company and will have unlimited access to a 300M Blck Car. 

Income wise, this may not be much if any of an upgrade, in fact, it could turn out to be a slight pay cut. However, because I'll be averaging far fewer trips I should have much more time to write and work on my other projects while I wait. In fact, I'm writing this as I sit at a coffee shop while the app is on. Instead of doing 75-90 trips a week I'll be shooting for 25-30.

Another exciting development is that I got a referral sign-up for Uber from Columbia, SC. I don't know anyone in SC, much less Columbia!

How did this happen? ​

In the middle of July, I started experimenting with sending traffic to a landing page using Facebook ads. I've seen others having success driving traffic via Facebook, but this was my first attempt. In 2 weeks I spent around $70, resulting in almost 500 clicks and 1 sign-up. That one sign-up is worth more than double my ad spend if they finish the process. In August I will be working to improve my landing page and narrow down my marketing with the hopes I can improve my conversion ratio.

Betterbythought continues to grow as well. I continue to improve the content and marketing strategies I'm using and I'm slowly seeing the results. I added another 10 subscribers with only two new posts.

June Traffic

Analytics from June

July Traffic

Analytics from July

My traffic did not grow at quite as nice of rate as my sign ups did, which tells me two things. 

#1 my sign up forms are working and doing thier jobs

I'll probably continue to test and tweak these as I go along, and in some cases, I am using free SumoMe sign up templates (which are great, don't get me wrong) that I'll switch to Thrive, the membership I have with them gives me a far better selection of options. 

#2. I need more traffic.

Who doesn't, right?

This is actually my focus for my Authority Site in August too. It will be the month of traffic (I hope!). There are a few posts by Robbie Richards and Neil Patel that are simply chalked full of ideas to increase traffic and I'll be following a handful of those. 

July Negatives​

I hate saying this, especially since it is the same thing I've said for months on end, but my big disappointment in July is I really didn't see an increase in income. 

Things are still trending the in the right direction and I truly believe I'm setting myself up for long-term success. While I am disappointed I won't be coming close to my 100k goal this year I hope that you are gaining some valuable lessons from the journey. 

I would love to hear your input! Please leave me a comment below or shoot me an email! ​