Journey to 100k: May Update

Journey to 100k: May Update

Looking back to May is exciting. I'm starting to see the progress with side hustles that I would have hoped would have come much earlier in the year. Many of the previous months updates have been full of struggles, of missteps, and frankly, very little extra income. The May update is not like that. Well, not entirely. 


Uber continues to be Uber. Nothing exciting there, except the battle between Uber and Lyft for drivers has led to some nice driving bonuses... With my weeklong vacation early in the month, this helped 'make-up' the income lost there. 

Something that is exciting though.... My Authority Site has launched! ​

Authority Site​

No, I'm not going to tell you what it is... at least not yet. I've seen too many 'sample' sites get flooded with copycats, AdSense spam, and other problems that come from this type of sharing. 

I will, however, tell you I've got 10 pieces of content up, and looking to more than double that in June. My initial strategy for monetization will be Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliates, but I'm hoping to build up some better affiliate opportunities in the niche, products that I already know and trust. 

One struggle that I've found here is the hiring of freelancers. I know I'm not the only one, but this has held me back quite a bit. I wrote a post about it earlier this month about Hiring Freelance Writers​ that details this a bit more. 

Thrive Themes has been a blessing on this site as well. Putting up truly well done content is SO much easier with this software. I simply can't say enough about it. 


$71 sales in May! This was double my income in April on Fiverr and I've already had two sales this month. I did have a $35 order that really helped boost this number, but I'm confident that I'll be able to snag at least a few bigger orders this month. 

I'm contributing this bump to two things. ​

#1. I got my number of reviews over 10.

​#2. I had a $5 video made for me explaining the gig, rather than the poster/writing I had before

Neither thing seems like a big deal, but they happened within a day of each other and since I've more than quadrupled the messages I'm receiving and all my sales in May came after those changes occurred. 

Goals for June​

I'm really concentrated on growing my Authority Site, so I may not be posting on BetterbyThought much in June. I do feel that my two-month experiment into smaller, quick updates hasn't gone as I would have liked... so I'm returning to the longer, more in-depth content. I may only get one of these posts up this month, two at most. 

As mentioned, the Authority Site is taking priority. I want to have over 20 pieces of content and 20 QUALITY backlinks. By quality I mean white-hat, juice producing links that are the only way to guarantee long-term growth and safety from Google's next big algorithm change. 

With Fiverr my goal is over $100 in revenue... that was my goal in May as well, and having fallen $29 short I'll be looking to break that barrier this month!