Journey to 100k: June Update

Journey to 100k: June Update

The end of June officially marks the end of the first half of the year. In June I saw some really promising things develop, but also a problem that has continued to plague me for the last 6 months was still persistent. That being said, let's get to the June update.

June Positives

The first, and possibly most significant thing that happened in June was that my email subscribers grew by 28.5%!!! That is easily my single best month of growth for this blog!

Email List Growth

Email Growth for June

Now, a few things that I'm sure will be said about this.... 

1. You don't have many subscribers so it's not that impressive.   True... But most online businesses and blogs would kill for a 28% growth in a month! Think about the size of my list in 6 months if I can continue that rate (not saying I can).  Oh, and I didn't write a single post this month. 

2. This runs into July.  Again, true. I'm a few days late on my June update and I just pulled the last 30 days data. This honestly could be skewed a bit since I did the site redesign in early June, but at worst my numbers are off by three subscribers. 

Note about Convertkit, my email manager. Each shade of blue signifies a different email sign-up method, so it's quick and simple to find out what posts and forms my email subscribers are coming from! 

An interesting note about my new subscribers as well, 11 of the 16 came from one of two of my older posts, 89 Side Hustles and The Truth about Kindle Publishing. These posts were published in January and February, respectively. The other thing they have in common is they have the most social media shares and comments of any posts I've written. Finally, I didn't promote either one on any platform in June. 

Shows you the power of SEO.

I have an article that is about 75% complete about the blogging experiment I went through in April and May (read about it here) and the results of these two posts will be a big testament as to why I feel the experiment failed, keep an eye out for it soon! 


Another interesting bit of news from June: I started driving for Uber Black.

For those who aren't familiar with the service, UberBlack is the premium service for most markets. Black cars, professional drivers, and service. 

I won't be driving my car for this, but I signed on with a company that has a fleet of "black" eligible vehicles and will be driving for them for a percentage of my fares. Frankly, I'm not sure how it will work out, but I'm excited to try. 

June Negatives

My complaints, frustrations, and the areas I feel like I struggled with in June all come down to one thing. To this point, halfway through the year, I have been unsuccessful to develop the additional revenue streams that I made my goal. 

"Journey to 100k, without a job" is a very clearly defined goal. 100k, This year. I'm nowhere NEAR on pace for it. In fact, I'm closer to on pace for the same earnings as last year, around 50k.

Early in the year, I put Kindle Publishing to the side for reasons I explained in the "Truths" article I mentioned earlier. I took a step back on Fiverr earnings this month, only doing $34 in revenue. The Authority Site, while still looking promising, is at least a month from earning revenue. 

With that being said, I will be focusing in July on things that INSTANTLY make money. I want to get Fiverr rolling again and finally add a few more services to hopefully boost my income from that source. I will be experimenting with FaceBook advertising to drive traffic to a landing page, and of course, I'll be driving for UberBlack! 

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions! Please leave me a comment below! ‚Äč

2 thoughts on “Journey to 100k: June Update

  1. Always interesting to hear how you are doing. The email subscriber number increase is a good thing. I would isolate the posts that are bringing you those email subscribers and start breaking down the audience who is coming to those posts. Then I would find where those audiences are hanging out (Facebook groups, blogs, social networks, # chat groups, etc.). Then start getting connected.

    I’d also start using very specific Facebook audiences to target the audience for your successful posts. Use them to drive traffic and email subscribers. Then you have a scalable, predictive funnel for growth which will allow you to start utilizing your email list for driving $$.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Seth!

      To this point, I’ve spent a large portion of my social media budgeted time on Twitter, but I like how niched down Facebook lets you get. Appreciate the advice!

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