Journey to 100k – April Update

Journey to 100k – April Update

My Journey to 100k – April Update

Hopefully, you’ll forgive this somewhat belated monthly update and income report.

As a fellow entrepreneur, or a weekend warrior, or even those who are looking for their chance to jump in the game, I’m sure you understand the feeling of getting totally sucked into a project.

I’m about a week into quite a binge.

It’s fine, I’m ok I swear.

I’ve been putting in a ton of time with Thrive Themes, the related plugins, and the content for my new Authority Site.

I’m very excited how it’s coming along.

So much time was spent in the research phase, literally hours poured into looking at different keywords, that once it was done I was almost in a state of paralysis. I knew the next steps, but I also knew the undertaking that was about to begin.

Now that it’s started the paralysis is completely gone and I’m making better progress than I thought I would. The homepage/landing page is done. The first article that targets my main keyword is done and ready to publish. I decided to write that article myself due to how crucial it’s quality will be.

Due to the amount of content, I think the site will have, and need, to cover the topic I contracted out 2 articles that came back this last week, and I’ve got 3 more paid for and being worked on.

My goal is to launch the site by the end of the month with 20 articles published. 4-5 of these I will write and be high quality, in-depth content similar to the first post. The other 15 will be contracted out.

I don’t want to leave you with the impression that these other articles won’t be high quality. I will be looking over, editing, and formatting/adding to the content I get back from my writers. I am however writing articles focused on keywords I really want to nail, putting “extra” effort into them.

Anyway, in my last post (you can read it HERE) I mentioned how much I’m enjoying Thrive Themes and why I’m switching all my sites to their products.

I spent another large chunk of time this week on BetterbyThought’s re-design. Here is a sneak peak of the new homepage:



I’m hoping to have the new homepage completed this week, there is still a lot of design work to be done “below the fold.” Not to mention making sure all the links work and getting the lead magnets and sign up forms integrated with ConvertKit.

Short-term Money Strategies

The only problem that occurs to me as I spend my time on this site and the Authority site is they are both long term, passive income sources. Neither will show the fruits of my labor for months to come.

In my last monthly update, I talked about the start of my Fiverr campaign. I ended the month with $36 from that effort. Not much and most of it came from friends and family who needed editing help (one of my gigs is an editing one), and some of them I paid to use my service, but I’m confident I’ll start getting organic orders in May and be able to grow that income source with more gig offerings.

I also consider Uber and Lyft short term money strategies. They pay the bills but aren’t something I want to be doing forever.

It’s interesting to see all the news coverage for these companies, but for day to day operations nothing has changed and it’s still my main source of income.

My last income source is from Kindle Publishing, and while I made a small amount with them again this month from my previously read books I put zero time or effort into this platform this month.


Goals for May

Granting this is already 8 days into May so these goals are being set a bit late, but while they are only being published today they’ve been mentally noted for a week now.

#1. Launch the Authority Site with 20 pieces of content by May 31st

#2. Finish the re-design of BetterbyThought.

#3. Make $100 on Fiverr.


Before I wrap up I want to personally say thank you for following my journey! Hope you are getting valuable information out of it and as always, please leave me a comment with any questions!