Increasing Conversion Rates with Scarcity

Increasing Conversion Rates with Scarcity

To give credit where credit is due, this post was inspired by Dave D. over at Thrive Themes. I found his recent post over on the Thrive blog really interesting, especially since much of my site’s redesign was aimed at increasing conversion rates. In fact, the entire “above the fold” section of my new homepage is one big signup form!

Dave makes a really interesting point.

Scarcity is a huge driver for conversions, as it has been a driver for many, many events over the course of history. Not only that but they put up a huge infographic to illustrate the point.

I’d strongly recommend you check out the original post which you can find HERE:

If you don’t have time though they were kind enough to give the source code so we could display it on our own blogs, so that’s what I’ve done.


Scarcity: Discover The Massive Psychological Influence Of This One Principle Throughout Time
Courtesy of: Thrive Themes

Pretty cool, eh?

Would love to hear your comments on Scarcity and how it’s affected your business!

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