Why I’m switching to Thrive Themes for all my Sites

Why I’m switching to Thrive Themes for all my Sites

I’ve already started building my Authority Site with Thrive Themes and soon I’ll switch this blog over also. In fact, I’ll probably start the conversion this weekend after putting the finishing touches on an article for the Authority site.

I’ve signed up for the Membership, which is a monthly fee of $19 (billed annually).

Normally I hate recurring payments. This will only be my 2nd one for all of my online business ventures in fact.

The first one is ConvertKit.

The second is now Thrive Themes.

So why not just buy a theme and be done with it?

Because the Content Builder is AMAZING.

I’ve seriously looked at several “Premium” theme options. As I write this post I’m running the free version of “Make” which I like and have been running for about 10 months. On several occasions, I’ve almost upgraded.

I have a friend who swears by the “X” theme, which is a highly customizable theme with a drag and drop type content feature. Very nice.

The Thrive Themes content builder blows them out of the water. Check out this video if you don’t believe me:

Currently, you have 10 themes to choose from.

I will say that the themes aren’t anything overly special. They are nice, the code is clean, but there are a ton of themes out there that have similar functionality for a user like myself who knows a relatively small amount of web design.

Add the content builder, though…. now you’ve got a creation powerhouse.


You also get Thrive Leads, no added fee. 

Thrive Leads replaces whatever opt-in forms and services you currently have and integrates with your email list manager.

Similar to the Content Builder there is a ton of flexibility on the design of these forms. You can also have different forms shown on different pages so you can target different segments of your audience.

One of my big complaints with most of the List Building plugins, both free and paid, was their poor, or non-existent, A/B testing. Problem solved.


Last but not least: Landing Pages

Yes, this is included too!

I have a landing page feature with ConvertKit, and I like the page I’ve created with it. To date it’s got over a 8% conversion ratio, so why wouldn’t I like it right?

2 problems.

#1. It’s not hosted on my site. This is a small thing, but I’m not a huge fan of sending traffic out of my site if I can help it.

#2. It’s not overly customizable without a web designer. I will be creating a landing page similar to my ConvertKit one to start, with only a few minor tweaks. Then I’ll start A/B testing!


You don’t have to switch over to Thrive Themes, and you certainly don’t have to sign up for the membership if you’ve got something working for you.

If you’re struggling with your theme, landing pages, or design (I was), it might be the perfect thing for you.

Oh. I almost forgot.

All of Thrive products are coded lean and were designed to seriously cut down on the number of plug-ins you need. Speeding up your site which will, in turn, help your SEO.

Nice. Very Nice.

I’m sure this is not the last you’ll hear on the topic.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m switching to Thrive Themes for all my Sites

  1. Great post! I’m also a huge fan of Thrive! I spent months trying to get free themes to work with me because I didn’t want to spend money on a bunch of different things. When I tried Thrive, everything seemed to fall into place.

    I have a question about CK and Thrive integration. Is it possible to create content upgrades using the two services?


    • Hey, Sam!

      It is definitely possible to do content upgrades using the ConvertKit/Thrive combo.

      I’ve done several content upgrades on my site using just ConverKit. One was a free report that wasn’t converting so I took it down, and some of my “guide” posts had them (check it out here: https://www.betterbythought.com/truths-kindle-direct-publishing-experts-wont-tell/).

      I know that Thrive integrates with CK for opt-in forms but I’ve yet to put up a content upgrade with one. Both Thrive Leads and CK have the functionality individually though some I’m sure I can do one combining the two.

      Keep an eye out, I’ll do a post detailing the process here in the next few weeks!

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