Why I’m choosing an Authority Site over a Niche Sites

Why I’m choosing an Authority Site over a Niche Sites

I’ve chosen my keyword and niche. I know what I’m going to build a site on.

I’m biting off way more than I originally planned on chewing.

In fact, I think this article may be revised later down the road with a much more detailed one (if you want to see that please comment on it!), but for now, I’m excited about the choice and nervous about what’s to come next.

So, without further ado, here are some things I considered.


Why I’m choosing an Authority Site over a Niche Sites

1.The keyword lends itself to a large site

When I stumbled across this keyword I started looking at the competition and there were a handful of bad niche sites in the space already.

That’s exciting.

What I also noticed is that none of them were small, focused sites. I could do better.

As I did more research an idea for the spin on the topic came to mind. Then a name for it. Before I knew it I had a mock up of the top menu drawn out. I started researched these related keywords for others I could target.

When I was done I simply knew it wasn’t a ‘niche site’ type keyword.

I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I limited myself right from the jump.


2. The effect of Amazon and Google

It seems like Google is focusing more and more of its algorithm on quality, original content.

Which is fine and dandy, except many of the niche sites I’ve seen are based on fairly similar setups that depend heavily on Amazon reviews.

Why would you go to your site to read these reviews when they can simply go to Amazon. Googles thoughts exactly.

Spencer and Perrin, over at NichePursuits talk about how they are moving away from smaller niche sites and working on Authority Sites for similar reasons. The site they built in Niche Site Project #2 (Great content, find it HERE) is no longer up because of a Google Update that killed it’s traffic.

The 2nd factor is Amazon.

Many of these sites relied heavily on Amazon Affiliate links and every post was tuned towards driving traffic to Amazon.

Because of this Amazon has really started cracking down on its affiliates, banning many people in the process.

What does this mean for me?

My site is going to need a lot of original, high-quality content. While I will have Amazon Affiliate links they won’t be in every post, in fact, I don’t want them in more than a 3rd of my posts.


3. Building a Brand

This goal is partially ego driven, and I’ll readily admit it.

Why build 5-10 small niche sites that make 10k passive income a month when you can build one big site that helps people and brings in the same, if not more, money?

The topic my site is covering is something I’m interested in and know a lot of people share my love for.

Why not make the site that they go to for information and products?

Because it will be a lot of work?

Because it may take me longer to build?

Because I may fail?

All true concerns and things I’ve thought of, but not anything I didn’t face when deciding to build betterbythought.

I could probably add to this list, and like I mentioned I may come back and make a much more detailed post about this, but for now it’s 11pm and I need some sleep, or to work on my new Authority Site….



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  1. I’m enjoying following your journey. Niche sites seem almost synonymous with blog spam to me. Authority is the way to go.

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