Golf and Business

Golf and Business


I was fuming, or pouting…. no, I’m going to go with stewing.

Sitting on my couch, finishing off the last beer of a six pack, thinking of all the shots I missed on the golf course earlier.

As a fairly athletic person, I can hold my own in most sports.

Not golf.

Hitting a ball that is sitting on the ground should be much easier than hitting a ball thrown at you, or catching a ball that’s not even round, or running while kicking a ball, or skating while using a weirdly bent stick to knock around a small saucer. But anyone who’s played golf can tell you it’s not.

I was so annoyed with the game of golf that I came home and turned on “The Masters”. The Masters, if you didn’t know, is a golf tournament.

Call me a glutton for punishment.

Jordan Spieth is currently sitting atop the leaderboard, as he has been since early in the first round.

He is handling a very difficult golf course at Augusta National while holding off about 80 other golfers who are doing everything they can to catch him.

Now, since I’ve talked about my poor golf game and Spieth’s rather remarkable performance I’ll get to the point.

Golf is very much so like a business and Golfers (at least the good ones) are like Entrepreneurs.

Spieth just keeps plugging along, grinding out pars.

Sure, there are times when you can see his frustrations. There are times when he looks upset and annoyed after a shot. Then he gets back to business.

I truly believe one of the reasons he’s had so much success in his early career is the fact that he doesn’t take his last mistake to his next shot. He doesn’t compound problems by dwelling on them.

Now think of the stories you’ve heard of Entrepreneurs. One of the traits that I often hear associated with Entrepreneurs is a stubborn resiliency.

Just like Spieth on a golf course, and entrepreneur running a business will make mistakes. Problems that could have never been foreseen will surprise you at the worst time.

Get past it. Make a decision, fix the problem, and move on.

Don’t dwell on things that have already happened. Handle them and keep your eye on the goals.

Spieth wants to win his 2nd Masters. You want to create a successful, profitable business.

Spieth won’t let one poor shot or bad break derail his entire tournament. Don’t let one bad decision or one unexpected roadblock keep you from the business you’ve dreamed of.

Focus on the next shot and the final goal.