10 Reasons I Start All my Websites with Bluehost Shared Hosting

10 Reasons I Start All my Websites with Bluehost Shared Hosting

Congratulations! You've decided to start an online business! 

You've got your niche planned out. You know what you want to sell, the content you're going to produce, and how you are going to make your idea absolutely vital to your customers. So, what is next? 

A website. ​

This can be a world of stress in its own right. Especially if you've never created a website or had an online presence outside of Facebook and Twitter, it can be downright scary. 

If this is the situation you find yourself in I strongly recommend you look at a hosting solution that will make everything simple. I recommend you look at BlueHost. Both of my current websites are hosted here and I'm very happy with my experience with them. 

1. Starting made EASY

Possibly the best thing about Bluehost shared hosting is that you can have a website up and running in 15 minutes. When arriving at the homepage simply click the 'get started now' link and you're off! 


The Pricing at Bluehost as of August, 2016

In the table above you can see that the advertised "Sale" price for their basic plan is $3.45 per month, but honestly, this is a fairly regular price. 

It is worth noting that the $3.45 is the best possible price for this service and only offered if you sign up for a full 3 years of hosting. If you want to start with 2 years it's normally $4.95 and a year will run you the commonly advertised price of $5.95.

The next screen you'll be directed to is to choose your domain. Once you do this you'll automatically register the name as part of the overall package! Or, check your desired domain name with the widget to the left! 

Once you have your domain name selected and its availability verified you'll be directed to a screen to enter your account and payment information. You'll also have the option to upgrade your hosting package with things like privacy protection, site backup, and Sitelock Security. 

 I have never taken advantage of these upgrades, but if you choose to I'd recommend checking around on the price, you may be able to find it cheaper in other places. ​

2. 1-Click Installs

BlueHost 1-click Installs

The basic website section in the Bluehost Control Panel including the one click WordPress installs

Another thing that I recommend if you've never done a website before, or simply want to get one started quickly, is installing WordPress.

Not only is WordPress free to install there are literally thousands of plug-ins you can install to provide you with almost any functionality you'd like to have on your website. You also have a virtually unlimited number of themes you can use to customize the look of your site. All with a simple click of a button on your control panel.

There are a number of other useful one-click install items as well. They have over 75 applications you can install directly onto your hosting account from areas like blog tools, CMS platforms, and E-commerce applications.

3. Inexpensive Hosting Solution

There are a number of other useful one-click install items as well. They have over 75 applications you can install directly onto your hosting account from areas like blog tools, CMS platforms, and E-commerce applications.

I wasn't really surprised to find that if you are looking for the BOTTOM dollar hosting solution it's not Bluehost. I found a few services that were offering prices as low as $1.99 a month starting price (goes up after the first few months).

The thing I found when I shopped around is this; No one offered anything more than Bluehost or was much better rated, combined with a better price. 

Now, I am taking a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach here.

Why not?

As a blogger, business owner, and 9-5 escape artist I don't need to overthink something like hosting. I hope that one day I'll outgrow the shared hosting I'm currently using, but until that day comes I'm happy with the service I'm getting and don't have a single reason to switch.​

4. Management made Easy

Bluehost Control Panel

The Bluehost Control Panel is something I don't use much, most of my day to day with my site comes from my WordPress dashboard. But don't take anything away from it, it's extremely easy to use with great support.

This is where you'll find controls and bonus offers for things like marketing, email, domains, one-click installs, add-ons, and account information. Everything is well organized and easy to find. 

​5. Great Customer Support

Bluehost customer support is based in Provo, UT and is available 24/7 making it quick and easy to reach someone if you need them. In a review from PC Mag, they tested out the customer service and had this to say: 

I called the phone support system the following morning to ask a representative about how to import my WordPress.com setup into Bluehost. A person came to my assistance in just a few seconds, and the representative walked me through the steps. That's another win for Bluehost support.

PC Mag
July 2016

6. Downtime = 0.00000 hours.

​I have never had a problem with my sites going down. Not once. 

I thought this might just be me so I searched around. Nope. Even in some of the reviews that weren't that glowing, or had mentioned other problems, not one said that site downtime was a problem.

Obviously, I like this. When you spend the time to type in my URL the last thing I want you to happen is a connection issue or a "Site currently unavailable" error. 

7. Easy to Upgrade and Expand​

Bluehost Upgrade Option

As your website grows you'll outgrow (hopefully) the shared hosting option that is the entry level BlueHost package. BlueHost makes it easy to upgrade as you simply press a button and you're options for the bigger shared hosting plans, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and the Optimized plan. 

Starting an E-commerce site? You can add both a Dedicated IP address and SSL certificate to you plan simply by selecting the upgrades. BlueHost will also install them to your account as well. 

8. Dedicated Email Accounts

Another great feature of BlueHost is even with the basic plan you are given access to unlimited email accounts. While this is not a make or break feature, using an email dedicated to your website is MUCH more professional than one to a .gmail or .outlook. 

BlueHost Email

Using BlueHost I've set up a single email for betterbythought and two for my authority site. Doesn't tyler@betterbythought.com have a better ring to it than betterbythought@gmail.com? 

I sure think so.

Now, using multiple emails can get confusing, so I forward everything to my personal Gmail account. HowtoGeek has a great tutorial post for how to make that quick and easy. 

9. Money-Back Guarantee​

Not happy with your service? Not what you expected? That can't be it... 

Oh, you got cold feet and decided to back out of building a website and go back to the 9-5 you dislike.... You have 30 days to receive a full refund.

Or, more likely, you built a great website and have been given an offer to sell it that you simply can't turn down. The buyer has a hosting plan they want to transfer the site to so your BlueHost account isn't needed anymore. 

BlueHost offers a prorated refund for the remainder of of the hosting term you purchased. ​

10. Great Affiliate Program

Just like the dedicated email accounts, this might be considered more of a bonus than a reason to use BlueHost. 

When I signed up I used a link from SmartPassiveIncome to jump to BlueHost. This gave Pat Flynn a small commission, basically a referral bonus, for using his link. 

The great thing about this is it didn't cost me anything extra, but it was an easy way for me to say thank you for the amazing content that blog provided me (and still does). 

I refuse to put ads on this website, and right now the only monetization strategy that I use is affiliate products. The banner on the left side of this section is an affiliate link as are many of the banners I have in the sidebar and on my Resources page. 

For a great article on how and why to use affiliate marketing as an income source check out this article by Amy Lynn Andrews.​

Like this article? Did it convince you to sign-up for hosting via BlueHost? I'd be honored if you'd use on of the links on this page to get started. It won't cost you anything and would be an enormous compliment to me. 

Have more questions? I'd love to hear them! Leave me a comment or a shoot me an email and I'd be glad to help!