My Journey to 100K: August Update

If you look back to my July update, my biggest goal for both Betterbythought and for my Authority site was grow my traffic. Success. More on that later. My negative from last month was that I still wasn’t seeing any monetary gain from efforts. August saw my first measurable success in that department too! I’m pretty […]

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Journey to 100k: July Update

July was both good and bad here at betterbythought. I feel it’s fairly safe to say that I won’t be hitting my 100k goal as I’ve yet to make much from any of my side hustles.On the flip side, though, I have the start of several very promising websites launched. I am making money from […]

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Journey to 100k: May Update

Looking back to May is exciting. I’m starting to see the progress with side hustles that I would have hoped would have come much earlier in the year. Many of the previous months updates have been full of struggles, of missteps, and frankly, very little extra income. The May update is not like that. Well, […]

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