The 6 Worst Excuses for Staying at a 9-5 you Hate


Anyone who has ever had a regular 9-5 knows the person who is always complaining about their job. Who insists they are going to quit and start their own business. Honestly, I fell into this category for a long time.

Maybe you are this type of person too.

Maybe not. Maybe you are more apt to stew quietly like Peter from Office Space. Come in late, fake work most of the day, leave early.

Either way, you are getting no closer to starting your own business, building a passive income, and escaping the 9-5 you hate.

There are hundreds of excuses that I’ve heard for why someone is still in a 9-5 they hate. Most of them, however, fall into one of the categories I’ve listed below, one of the ‘Worst Excuses’ categories. As you read through this post take an honest look

As you read through this post take an honest look at yourself and determine which excuse you are guilty of. You can also download a copy of this post and print it out. I recommend you highlight the section that really rings a bell. Put the highlighted part above your desk, on your nightstand, or even as your desktop picture. Keep it in front of you so you can catch yourself as you’re in the act of making one of these excuses and move past it!

The 6 Worst Excuses for Staying at a 9-5 you Hate

1. I don’t have time to build a side income

This is probably my favorite of the six worst excuses.

According to ABC News the average American spent 42 hours a year in traffic. According to this article on eMarketer the average American spends 5.5 hours on Video Content each day!

No wonder you “don’t have time!!!”

Want to fix that problem, or would you rather keep wasting time and make excuses?

While you are sitting in traffic tune into a podcast that addresses content in your niche. At least, spend the time learning while you can’t be doing anything with your hands. An even better idea is to take a bus, Uber, Lyft or carpool so that you can spend the time productively.

Cutting out all TV and video based media may be difficult for many. So instead of cutting it out set limitations on it. There are certain sports teams which I watch almost religiously, but on days when they play that is ALL the TV I watch. Many other days my TV is limited to news in the morning while eating breakfast. Which would you rather, catching the latest episode of some sitcom or building your 9-5 escape plan?

What about the time you spend eating meals at work? Could you get some side hustle work done at that time?

Check Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest 20 times a day? Check out the app HabitBull or a timer like Toggl to keep yourself on task and limit your time wasting!


2. I don’t know how to build a Passive income

Neither did I five years ago. In fact, I had only a vague idea that people actually made a living online two years ago. I was side hustling back then, but it wasn’t online.

A year ago I knew absolutely nothing about Kindle Publishing. I was just starting to realize that blogs could be monetized for full-time type earnings.

So I went out and read blogs, I bought courses. I invested time and money to improve myself so I could change my circumstances.

Regardless of what information or niche you want to start a side hustle in there is going to be information available… it may not be online yet, which gives you a huge opportunity to bring it online.

If you don’t know where to start I’d recommend checking out Udemy, they have great courses for extra education.


The excuse “I don’t know how” also manifests itself as “I’m too lazy to learn.” Don’t be that guy (or girl), get started.


3. I’ll loose my benefits

Yes, you will. You’ll have to learn about filing taxes as well. Or you can stay in the job you hate, at least, they give you healthcare, a 401k, and a simple W2.

This really is as simple as creating a budget. Something like healthcare becomes an item on your Profit and Loss statement. For Tax advice look to a CPA or a blogger in that space to help. Check out resources like Noel Lorenzana, a blogger, accountant, and tax professional who can help you sort through your questions in this area.


4. I’m too old/too young to make a change

Yes, this will be an obstacle. It doesn’t mean it has to hold you back from going after what you want.

If you are young there is a good chance you won’t be taken seriously, or passed over for an older candidate. That’s fine. Take the opportunities that are available, keep working towards your goal and by the time you are ‘old enough’ you’ll be far ahead of your competition.

I don’t have any experience to speak from when it comes to being ‘too old.’ It seems to me though that if you’re alive you’re not too old for anything. Get something started while you can, you never know how far you can take it until you start.


5. I don’t have the Experience or Credentials to start

If you look at all of the successful Entrepreneurs out there you can find one common thread. None of them started where they currently are. They all had to learn their trade, to grow into their niche, and gain the trust and loyalty of their current following.

I recently landed my first client who was interested in my experience in Marketing. I’m working as a consultant for them as I didn’t have any other clients or even opportunities. By doing a great job with this company, I’ll have something to point at when other companies look at my track record. Not only will I be able to say “I’ve done that” I’ll be able to say “Here is what I did for this company.”

You have to start somewhere, each time you complete a project, successfully help a client, or participate in training you’ll be taking a step toward your goal.

Check out The Business Stylist blog for great tips and pointers to starting and growing a consulting or coaching business.

6. I’m going to wait until the economy improves.

This is by far my least favorite of this group of excuses.

Seriously, you are going to put your happiness, your success, and your willingness to move forward on something you have ZERO control over?

Use this to your advantage. Build something that will be a massive powerhouse when the economy turns around… you’ll be so far ahead of everyone who ‘waited for the economy to get better’. Better yet, find a niche, industry, or skill set to develop that helps people who are struggling with the economy. Find a job that is necessary regardless of the economic state.


Wrap Up

Do any of these excuses sound familiar? Do you have one that wasn’t on this list?

The important part is you realize them for what they are. That you are able to work around them, or past them to get started on your 9-5 escape.

I’d love to hear your excuses, and how you have worked past them to succeed, or how you are in the process of getting past them if you’re still working on them. Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!